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Soul & Surf, Kerala, India.

If you’re interested in surfing and yoga in India or even just taking a look at some beautifully executed web design, then visit www.soulandsurf.com.

Soul & Surf based in Kerala, South India, offer an idyllic retreat for the growing group of surfers who are practicing yoga to improve their surfing. Yogic practice and surfing essentially rise from the same well-spring. Both surfers and yoga practitioners seek to replicate and evolve their disciplines from natural rhythms and movements, enabling self improvement. Not surprising then, that they combine in such a symbiotic, exhilarating way. The popularity of Soul & Surf is now becoming  more widespread as the whispers pass back and forth along the travelers grapevine. One gets the impression that in years to come, many will say that they were there in the early years, perhaps more than could have possibly visited their modest first location.

Surfers and yoga fans from all around the globe are now heading for their beautiful hide away. Ed and Sofie’s relaxed and welcoming attitude to their guests has meant that the word has spread and growing numbers now wish to experience what they have to offer. It has meant that this year for the first time, they have moved from their small cluster of apartments to a beautiful hilltop hotel. Stunning sea views and their own tranquil Indian gardens mean that they have achieved that often elusive  trick of making a really good thing, just that much better. They welcome guests from all over the world – alone, in groups of friends or couples looking for a romantic getaway surrounded by the colour and warmth of southern India.

To quote their site:

Soul & Surf  love the combination of surfing and yoga, they compliment one another on both a physical and mental level which is why they try to do both every day, so they’ll drive you to the surf, teach you yoga, advise you on how best to experience this wonderful part of the world and organise a few special evenings during your stay. It’s really not your usual surf camp holiday!

If you feel like this is your thing, then do it in the best company. Contact them for booking enquiries to grab yourself a space.